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3 Things You Should Ask Your Car Insurance Agent

13 December 2022
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An independent car insurance agent will help you save money by finding the most affordable coverage that suits your needs. Since the agents deal with multiple insurance carriers, they will give you an honest assessment of various policies, helping you make comparisons. Also, you will be free to purchase different products from multiple companies instead of one. So, what are some essential questions you should ask your auto insurance agency? Read More …

Effective Ways To Save Money On Auto Insurance

27 October 2022
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Auto insurance is a necessary expense for anyone who drives. Whether you have full coverage for all your vehicles or go with the absolute minimum your state law requires, it is always good to seek out additional ways to cut costs and save on your auto insurance premiums. These are a few things you can do to help you get more for your money when it comes to your car insurance. Read More …

3 Things You Should Know About Getting Group Health Insurance For Your Small Business

20 September 2022
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As a small business owner, you may think that offering your employees access to health insurance is simply out of the question. However, with group health insurance plans, it really is possible for all small business owners to offer their employees access to the affordable health insurance coverage that they need and deserve. As a bonus, choosing to offer this coverage to your employees will mean that you too will have access to affordable health insurance coverage for yourself and your family. Read More …

An Overview Of Annealing Service And Its Importance

10 August 2022
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An auto insurance verification is a document that shows your car has a current and valid motor vehicle insurance policy and it complies with regulatory standards. Insurance companies provide you with a verification certificate through fax or email after you pay the first premium. You can also access the document digitally, with some states making it mandatory to have a digital copy of your insurance. An auto insurance verification document contains your name and that of the insurer, policy number, effective and expiry dates, and the car's year, model, and identification number. Read More …

5 Tips That Can Help You Save On Home Insurance

28 June 2022
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All homeowners must carry homeowners insurance. However, this does not mean that you have to spend a fortune on the coverage you need. In fact, you can start saving money on your home insurance policy as soon as today by putting the following five tips to work for you. Tip #1: Don't Choose The Lowest Deductible Available Many people automatically choose the lowest available deductible for their policy. Oftentimes this decision is made in an effort to save money when the time comes to file a claim. Read More …