3 Things You Should Know About Getting Group Health Insurance For Your Small Business

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3 Things You Should Know About Getting Group Health Insurance For Your Small Business

20 September 2022
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As a small business owner, you may think that offering your employees access to health insurance is simply out of the question. However, with group health insurance plans, it really is possible for all small business owners to offer their employees access to the affordable health insurance coverage that they need and deserve. As a bonus, choosing to offer this coverage to your employees will mean that you too will have access to affordable health insurance coverage for yourself and your family. Continue reading to learn a bit more about how this type of health insurance coverage can work for your small business. 

#1: Even The Smallest Businesses Can Qualify For Group Health Insurance Plans

One of the main reasons that many small business owners dismiss the idea of offering health insurance to their employees is that they don't believe they have enough employees to qualify for a good insurance rate. If you have shared this belief, you should know that even small businesses with only a few employees are able to qualify for group health insurance rates. This means that the size of your company does not need to influence your ability to get great rates on the health insurance you and your employees need. 

#2: You Can Maximize Your Savings By Expanding Your Group

While you can purchase a group health insurance plan regardless of how many people are in your insurance group, you will see additional savings as your group grows larger. The good news is you do not need to expand your company in order to expand your insurance group. Instead, you may wish to join forces with other small business owners in your area or offer access to this insurance coverage to employees' families. 

#3: Offering Access To Group Health Insurance Does Not Need To Cost You Anything

If you are worried about whether or not you can afford to offer health insurance to your employees, there really is nothing for you to worry about. While you can choose to offer employer contributions as an employee benefit, there is no need to commit to this type of benefit in order to offer a group health insurance plan to your employees. This is because even in the absence of an employer-sponsored healthcare program, group health insurance plans can provide your employees with far more affordable rates than they are able to get on their own. These group plans will also allow employees to enjoy other benefits such as the ability to pay their health insurance premiums using pre-taxed money simply by having these fees automatically withheld from their paycheck. 

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