4 Factors That Affect Your Auto Insurance

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4 Factors That Affect Your Auto Insurance

9 June 2017
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Carrying auto insurance is incredibly important. For your own safety you should always have an active auto insurance policy for every person in your home that has a drivers license. Even if they don't own a car, or drive a car very often, there is always a chance that they will have to drive someone else's car, rent a car and so forth. Many people wonder what factors affect the amount that you pay in auto insurance. Here are some things that you should know car insurance and why you are paying the amount that you do.

1. Your Age

There are some factors that you just don't have any control over, your age is one of them. Extensive research has been done to see who are best drivers and at what age. Teenagers who have just recently received their license, even if they are good and experienced drivers will still pay more than someone who is in their 30s. Additionally, as you get older and enter into your elderly years, you should expect to see your insurance go up as well. People who pay the least are middle-aged individuals.

2. Your Marital Status

If you are married with a family you are seen as less of a risk that a single-childless individual. This is because it is believed that people who are driving with their children in the car will drive more cautiously to protect those that they love. A single adult driving a sports car is going to be charged more for insurance.

3. The Type Of Car You Drive

Another factor that you should be aware of is the car that you drive. The more expensive the car, the more you will pay in insurance. This is because it will cost more to fix a foreign made car than it will to fix an affordable American made car. Thus, when you purchase an expensive sports car, know that you won't only be paying for the car payments each month, but you will have a significant increase in your auto insurance.

4. Your Driving Record

Something that you can control is how well you drive. The more careful that you drive, and if you can keep your driving record clean you will save a great deal of money. Don't drive distracted, don't talk on the cell phone, and make sure you are avoiding traffic tickets. This will save you money on your auto insurance.

By understanding these factors you can know what to expect with your auto insurance premiums, such as from Woodmansee Insurance Inc.