How Your Location Affects Your Car Insurance Rates

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How Your Location Affects Your Car Insurance Rates

13 November 2017
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Very many things affect car insurance, and your location is one of them. Here are the specific ways in which location can impact your auto insurance premiums: 

Accident Statistics in the Area

Most of your driving will be concentrated in your neighborhood. Going shopping, taking the kids to school or going to work involve driving on your neighborhood roads. The more accidents your area experiences the more likely you are to be involved in a crash. Therefore, a high number of accidents in your area will translate into high insurance premiums.

Density of Cars in the Area

The more cars are on the road the higher the likelihood of an accident. Therefore, you are likely to be safer on the road if many people don't own cars in your neighborhood. However, living where everyone owns a car or people own multiple cars can increase your auto insurance rates.

Crime Statistics in the Area

Your auto insurance coverage protects you from driving-induced liabilities, repairs your car if it is damaged or vandalized, and also replaces your car if it is stolen (depending on the coverage you have). Living in a crime infested area, therefore, increases your auto insurance rate because your car is likely to be vandalized or stolen in such a place.

Average Cost of Auto Repairs in the Area

Auto repair costs vary by region. This is partly because labor costs aren't uniform across the country. Therefore, if car repair costs are above average expect your auto insurance costs to be higher than another person living in an area with cheaper auto repair costs.

State of Roads in the Area

Bad roads damage cars and also increase the risk of accidents. Unfortunately, some localities maintain their roads better than others. Your auto insurance company obviously has the data on the state of roads in your area and will factor it in the calculation of your rates.

The Local Weather of Your Area

Your local weather also determines your risk of getting involved in a crash, as well as the risk of vehicle damage. For example, living in an area where the roads are constantly icy increases the risk of skidding and crashing. Another example is an area that experiences frequent hailstorms also increases the risk of vehicle damage.

Keep the above issues in mind if you are looking for a place to live. If you have already settled, however, it may be too late for you to manipulate your location to get desirable rates; ask your agent for other things you can do to avoid costly insurance. To learn more, visit a website like