2 Ways To Save Money On A Commercial Insurance Policy

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2 Ways To Save Money On A Commercial Insurance Policy

10 February 2018
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A commercial insurance policy is a very necessary expense for any company, but that does not mean that you shouldn't try to save money on that policy. Here are two ways to save money on a commercial insurance policy.

Take Steps To Make Your Business More Secure

One of the simplest ways to save money on a commercial insurance policy is to take steps to make your business more secure. The more secure your business is from a variety of different risks the lower your commercial insurance rates will be since the insurance company isn't going to be as worried about having to pay a very large claim due to your business suffering an accident or break-in. Make sure to sit down with your insurance agent to discuss what aspects of your business could do with a bit more security and what steps he or she may recommend that you take to actually make yourself more likely to qualify for an insurance discount.

Some of the things that can allow you to qualify for a commercial insurance discount is making the storefront much more secure by installing impact-resistant or shatterproof glass and replacing your front door with a security door that is much sturdier and able to protect from forced entry. Additionally, you can also install a variety of alarm systems around your property, such as a security alarm to notify the authorities when someone attempts to break into the business or even a monitored fire alarm system that will notify the fire department if disaster strikes and you're business experiences a fire.

Consider Upping Your Deductible

Another way to save money on a commercial insurance policy is to consider upping your deductible. Now, this does come with a bit of risk as upping the deductible means that if something should happen to the company that requires you to file a claim, you will have to pay more out of your own pocket before the insurance company can assist you. However, this can often be worth it if you feel that your business is not really at risk due to other precautions that you have taken to limit the possibility of your business suffering a disaster or potential robbery as you will be able to save money every month on a lower insurance premium due to the higher deductible.

Commercial insurance does not always have to be extremely expensive as there are methods available to mitigate the cost. Some of the ways to save money on a commercial insurance policy include taking steps to make your business more secure and upping your deductible.