Auto Insurance For Infrequent Drivers

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Auto Insurance For Infrequent Drivers

28 May 2019
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All drivers need auto insurance coverage; the law requires you to have coverage even if you just want to take a car for a spin around the block. However, this doesn't mean that all drivers need to pay for similar insurance coverage. For example, infrequent drivers can make do with different coverage from regular drivers, which should attract lower costs.

Here are some of the actions you can take to trim down insurance costs as an infrequent driver.

Buy Non-Owner Coverage

If you drive infrequently because you don't own a car, then you can opt for non-owner car insurance. Maybe you don't own a car but rent cars regular, your driving license has been suspended, or you regularly borrow your friends' cars. Note that non-owner insurance usually comes with limited coverage. In most cases, a non-owner policy excludes collision and comprehensive coverage. 

Buy Mileage-Based Coverage

Another option is to buy mileage-based coverage, where you only pay for the number of miles you drive. This is a good option if you drive infrequently, and only for short distances. Say you have a self-sustaining cabin in the woods and you only need to drive once a month when going for supplies in town. In such a case, mileage-based coverage may be suitable for your driving demands.

Ask For Relevant Discounts

Infrequent driving is likely to entitle you to various discounts depending on your mileage and your insurance company. For example, some insurance carriers will give you a mileage-based discount if your annual mileage doesn't exceed a specified limit per year. Another example is commuter discount, which applies to those who own cars but don't drive them to work regularly (maybe you carpool or take public transportation to work).

Trim Down Your Coverage

Many people add optional coverage, or riders, to their standard auto insurance policies. Things like roadside assistance, accident forgiveness, and rental car insurance, among others. However, you may not need all these things as an infrequent driver. Trimming down your coverage is, therefore, another way of trimming down your costs as an infrequent driver.

Buy Temporary Coverage

Auto insurance typically runs for one year, but if you don't need coverage for that long, you may be able to purchase coverage for a shorter period. Such temporary coverage may suffice for, say, someone who wants to rent a car for an extended period (say some weeks) or someone who is in the country temporarily.

The above options can help you lower your insurance costs as an infrequent driver. Note, however, that auto insurance is regulated at the state level so some of the options may not be available in all states. An auto insurance agent can tell you what you can or cannot do, and which options are best for your situation.

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