Working With A Public Insurance Adjuster To Settle Your Insurance Claim

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Working With A Public Insurance Adjuster To Settle Your Insurance Claim

29 October 2020
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Working with your insurance company to file a claim can sometimes be challenging, and the adjuster that comes to look at the property is not always looking out for your best interests. Having a third-party to assist you with the process can be helpful, and that is where a public insurance adjuster comes in. 

Evaluating Damage

When you submit a claim to your insurance company for the damage to your home or auto, the insurance company will send out an insurance adjuster to look at the damage and report back to the insurance company. The problem is, these adjusters work for the insurance company and often look for ways to reduce the payout on the claim.

Hiring a public insurance adjuster to help you file your claim can be helpful because they are trained and licensed in the state they work in, and they are working for you, not the insurance company. The result is an independent report that will outline the damage to the property and is sent to the insurance company along with your claim. The insurance company may choose to disregard the report, but it is a record of the damage that a lawyer can use to try and get the insurance company to take another look at the claim. 

Negotiating Your Claim

Public insurance adjusters are experts in the way insurance policies work, and the language used to shape the outcome of a claim placed by the insured. Often these adjusters have a background in insurance, construction, and other industries that help them understand the damage and repairs that will be necessary for the restoration of your property. 

The public insurance adjuster may also use software that is made specifically for evaluating repair costs to help determine the costs of repairing the property. When they go to the insurance company with their findings, they have concrete numbers to present and negotiate with. 

Working With Contractors

Along with submitting the claim and working out all the details of it, a public insurance adjuster may be able to help you negotiate repair costs with contractors in the area. Often the adjuster will have a history with these contractors and may be able to help you find one for the job that is a good fit and has the best price. 

Smaller, lesser-known contractors may be willing to work a little cheaper to build their business. Often, the adjuster will contact these smaller contractors to help you get a better price and allow more work to be completed with the same budget.

For more information, contact your local public insurance adjuster.