Factors An Auto Insurance Agent Uses To Create Affordable Car Insurance Policies

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Factors An Auto Insurance Agent Uses To Create Affordable Car Insurance Policies

12 November 2020
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As a car owner, you want to pay the least amount of money for the coverage on your vehicle. However, an auto insurance company can't always create a policy that solely takes your budget into consideration. It also must use other factors when designing the best car insurance for you. These are some of the criteria that an auto insurance agent will use when he or she creates an affordable car insurance policy for you. 

Driving History

Your driving history will come heavily into play when an auto insurance agent determines whether or not you are eligible for low-cost car insurance. Even the best car insurance must take into consideration what kind of driving record that you have and whether or not you have any tickets or accidents. If you have infractions like DUI convictions or numerous speeding tickets on your record, you can expect to pay more for a policy from any auto insurance company.

You can expect the auto insurance agent that you shop for coverage with to pull your driving record and use it to determine your premiums. If you have a relatively clean driving history, you may get a cheaper car insurance policy that costs you very little money out of your budget.


Another factor that an auto insurance company will use to determine if you can get cheaper car insurance is your age. In general, the younger or older that you are, the more that you can expect to pay for your policy.

In fact, the best car insurance in terms of premium prices tends to be awarded to drivers whose ages fall between the ages of 25 and 65. If you are younger or older than that, your auto insurance business may deem you more of a liability and more likely to get into an accident. Drivers who fall outside of this age bracket statistically have slower response times to emergencies on the road and are prone to taking more driving risks.

These are a couple criteria that an auto insurance agent will use to design the best car insurance policy for you and your vehicle. The auto insurance company that issues your policy will pull and scrutinize your driving record before offering you a quote. It also will use your age to determine if you can get cheap car insurance or if your insurance premium will cost you more. Contact a company like Illinois Insurance Center Inc to learn more.