Military Service And Auto Insurance: There Are Advantages

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Military Service And Auto Insurance: There Are Advantages

28 October 2021
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Military service does not remove the need for auto insurance, but as an active-duty service member, this commitment to your country does afford some benefits. Whether you are a new recruit who needs to learn more about these advantages or a seasoned veteran who needs a refresher, learn more about auto insurance and your service commitment.

Registration Laws

State laws often require a vehicle to be registered in the same state that it is insured. If you are a service member who prefers to keep your vehicle registered in your home-of-record state, you can. Generally, all you need to provide the insurance company is proof of your service, and they can waive this rule so that you can insure your car without changing the registration.

Deployment Pauses

Vehicle owners are expected to maintain auto insurance coverage at all times. However, when service members go on deployment, they can generally alter their insurance coverage and pay much less than their current premiums. The only guideline is that the vehicle must be stored and not in use. As long as no one else will drive the vehicle, you will likely qualify.

Service Discounts

One of the best advantages that service members receive with their auto insurance coverage is a discount for their service. Many insurance companies offer military members an automatic discount for their service, which can be stacked on top of other discounts, such as a bundle discount. Again, all you need to do is provide proof of your service and status and the insurance company will apply the discount.

On-Base Living

If you live on-base, you have the opportunity to earn an even greater discount. Yes, crime can happen anywhere, but military installations are some of the safest communities you can find. As such, the threat of a break-in is reduced, and given the smaller area, the accident risk is often decreased. Combined, this means a lower insurance risk overall, which can mean a lower premium.

Beyond Active Duty

If you already honored your commitment to your country and you separated honorably or you retired from the military, do not think that your access to some of these auto insurance benefits is gone. Simply let the insurance company know about your past service, follow their steps for verification, and you can take advantage of some of these discounts. 

Do not hesitate to take advantage of these benefits of your service. Reach out to an auto insurance agent to learn more about these benefits.