Factors That Affect Auto Insurance Rates, But You Can't Control

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Factors That Affect Auto Insurance Rates, But You Can't Control

11 May 2022
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Many different factors impact how much auto insurance costs, and drivers don't have control over all of them. If you're wondering why your rates have recently gone up or down, here are some of the factors that could affect your rates -- even though you can't do anything about them.

Your Age

Insurance companies generally consider older drivers to be safer than younger drivers. Sometimes this hypothesis even extends well into the senior years. Older drivers are thought to drive slower on average, and to be more cautious. 

Because older drivers are believed to be less risky drivers, insurance companies may lower your insurance rate as you age. One of the biggest rate drops comes when you turn 25 years old.

While almost all insurance companies lower rates when a driver turns 25 years old, not all insurance companies lower rates by the same amount. You can request quotes from several insurance companies when you turn 25, and see which company offers the biggest reduction.

Your Marital Status

You technically have control over your marital status, but no one would recommend changing it just to save on car insurance. Nonetheless, married spouses tend to receive lower car insurance rates than their non-married counterparts.

If you aren't married but have lived with the same partner for many years, talk with an insurance agent about your situation. They might be able to help you get a rate reduction similar to what married spouses have, although insurance agents aren't always able to do this.

Your Gender

You also shouldn't switch genres merely to save on car insurance, for the premium reduction will be much less than the cost of a gender switch. You could, however, qualify for lower car insurance rates if you switched from a male gender to a female one. Women usually qualify for minorly lower insurance rates than men do.

If you have undergone a gender switch, especially if it was from male to female, contact your insurance agent. You likely could get a small rate reduction. Even if you switched from female to male, you should contact your insurance agent so that they can update your policy accordingly.

Your Credit Score

In many states, your credit score can be used as one of the factors that determine your car insurance rate. Lower credit scores are assigned higher insurance rates.

If you're in a state where this practice is allowed, you can work to improve your credit score. You probably don't have any immediate influence over the score, however, as improving it takes time. Look into auto insurance companies for more information.